Connecting development teams with users to drive great user experience


The Problem

Great user experience is the key to driving mass adoption

Users need incentives to spend their time providing feedback

Teams need to be able to trust the reputation of the users giving feedback

Incumbent user testing platforms are expensive and don’t pass on the value to the users providing the feedback


Reduces the cost of running user experience testing by a PAYG model

Incentivizes users to provide feedback using crypto currency

Dividends paid back to token holders

Reputation and arbitration on the blockchain

For Users

Get paid in crypto for providing feedback

Screen recording and audio feedback to get across what you're really feeling

Have a stake in the network and receive dividends as we grow

Help drive the movement forwards

For Teams

Setup tasks for users to complete

View recordings of users testing and exploring your apps

Let developers focus on the issues that are really important

Be sure the people giving feedback have a good reputation

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